Election 2016 Trump

Open4Politics was visioned to be a fact based community resource on political issues. I would argue that our visualization of the electoral college, including links to prior weeks, our trend analysis analysis and our swing state analysis are as good as anything available on the net. I use the pages on my mobile (great links to RCP and FiveThirtyEight) to track the polls.

In early March I decided to follow Trump's destruction of the Republican party. Passions were running high and the main stream media was in a complete turmoil. We saw this as an opportunity to showcase objective political analysis. Our hope was to show how different this is from the disordered thinking that accompanies PTSD.

Open4Politics was one of the first to predict that Trump was 97.5 certain to win the Republican nomination.

At the same time, being a socially conservative Christian, I wrote an article asking what this style of victory meant to conservative values, in particular to our calling as followers of Jesus. It is with sadness and humility that I have published this video as a way to visualize my deep concerns about Donald Trumps attitude to power and money.

As you reflect on this I hope that you will look at the poignant facts on immigration. I do not have a liberal bias for pointing out that 140,000 more people have left the United States for Mexico, than entered from Mexico, between 2009 and 2016. The page has links to the immigration and deportation statistics by ICE.

We face an epidemic of corporate greed. Over the next weeks we will elaborate on the 3 case studies listed.

EpiPen and our family appreciate how this medical device improved the quality of her life. We are going to publish how fair profits, and giving back from your increase to the communities you serve, is the better business strategy. We trust that you will listen, and will come forwards so we can write of the good you have brought to those who need your help.

To Dentsply and Sultan Healthcare; we are going to publish how you litigated against Bio-Pure to stall the sales of their better, safer and less costly organic evacuation system cleaner. The strategy failed, partly through an insurance policy that covered the cost of defense, and through discovery which revealed your real intentions to the courts. The issue of Chemical products vs. organic products is not solved by anti-competitive litigation.

To Dental Products Report; we are going to publish how you compromised your editorial integrity. You asked us to write a series of articles on the availability of new science based infection control products. But when Dentsply and Kerr called you into a meeting at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting to say that this looked bad on their chemical cleaners, which mask their toxicity with citrus smelling fragrances, you terminated the series rather than risk your advertising revenues.

To Venture Capitalists; we are going to publish what happens when corporate greed takes advantage of community spirit. Open Source is a social experiment to demonstrate how talented people can work together for the greater good. But the good depends on every participant doing their part. There are no laws to dictate who should give or who may take. But if no one gives the model breaks down and everyone will lose. We welcome Investment and partnership with corporate America, but please play by the unspoken rules.

Question? Are we going to let the circumstances mold who we are? Or are we going to let the word of God transform us into who He has set forth that we will be? I pray for a revival. I pray for the courage to change what needs to be changed.

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