Election 2016 Newsletter

Introduction: The goal of this series is to raise awareness of Post Traumatic Stress. An average of 22 people commit suicide every day. The symptoms of PTS as it progresses include alcohol abuse, substance abuse, anger and violence and infidelity. Most women have regular checks for breast cancer. Most men have regular checks for prostate cancer.

I believe we would be wise to do regular checks for emotional "cancer".

With this in mind, we have set out to show that reasoned thinking can exist in our political discourse. The 2016 primaries have set new highs in media attention, monies being spent, and personal attacks. I am quite certain that this trend will continue to November 8th.

Data: We have created three apolitical web pages that provide accurate information on where the race stands.

i) Electoral map: Can Trump Get 270 Electoral Votes
The map is updated each Tuesday evening with cumulative poll data from Real Clear Politics.

Latest Projection: Trump 176: Clinton 362 (excluding states where spread is too close to call)

ii) Trend Analysis: Road to The Presidency
The trend table has 13 rows. One for each week leading up to the election.

Latest Trend: Clinton winning: Dropped from 78.4% to 76.1% in the last week.

iii) Swing States: Analysis of Swing States
This page has the same table as the national prediction, 16 battleground states representing 200 electoral votes.

Pages include links to Real Clear Politics, and FiveThirty Eight, for those looking to dig deeper.

Editorial Opinion

I have poured over this polling data for the last two weeks. Seeking advice from my wife on how to present it clearly. From friends on both sides to check my objectivity. For I am a conservative Christian and I am troubled by the level of anger and mean spirited behavior that I see. Particularly in the political discourse being waged on social media.

I am concerned that the media is being driven by audience attention rather than journalistic integrity. Some of the questions I hear newscasters asking are inflammatory indeed. We may not call fire in a crowded room. If I get upset at certain lines of questioning; like watching an interview on Fox with a urologist discussing Clinton's medical health; I wonder at what might be being triggered for those with early onset PTSD. I believe that editors do have a responsibility for what they say and the questions that they ask.

The 15% drop in the pounds value following Brexit is not an "over there" for me. I have family living in Scotland and a UK pension that is worth 15% less as a result. To name but one of the many financial issues that America, as the leader of the world's global financial system, will be a part of in the years ahead.

I think we all agree that change is needed? Some passionately believe in Trump, others, as passionately in Clinton.

I hope that having this accurate data will help us be thoughtful to each other in our disagreements.

Get Smart about Politics™